Timeline During the Lives of Stephen Nelson Gladwin and Francis Marion McMeekin


 1773    Thomas McMeekin, Grand father of FM McMeekin, born in Ireland.


1783     Thomas McMeekin, age 10, immigrates to South Carolina with his mother.  He later becomes Brig. General in the SC Militia


1797    Adna Johnson born in Connecticut.


1795-8    Thomas George Washington McMeekin born in Fairfield District


1809    Mary Ann Harriet Thompson born in Fairfield District


1818    Adna Johnson moves to South Carolina


1824     Adna Johnson (27) marries second wife, Mary Ann Harriet Thompson (15)



Stephen, son of Russel and Susan Dickenson Gladwin, was born November 13, Higganum

Francis, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Comfort Lewis Brummitt McMeekin, born 14 Jan 1830, Union SC


1832    Hayne McMeekin, brother of Francis McMeekin born 20 Nov, Union SC


1833    FM McMeekin's grandmother



            Maria, daughter of Roswell and Caroline Mehitable Usher Reed, was born Novemeber 20

            Gen. Thomas McMeekin testifies as a defendant in a trial during the nullification period.



Thomas G. W. McMeekin dies, Union Co. SC aged 42.

Elizabeth Brummett Comfort Lewis McMeekin dies 23 Feb Union Co, SC

Orphaned 5 year old Francis and two other brothers, one Hayne age 3, and one sister left in the care of Thomasí friends, the Huson's)



Harriet Ann Margaret Johnson Born 29 July.  Older brother William is 14, Franklin Adna is 8.   FM McMeekin is 9

Mary Ann Harriet Thompson Johnson, mother of Harriet Johnson dies 30 Sept, Fairfield Co SC at age 40 two months following childbirth.

             [FM McMeekin attends boarding school in Winsboro?]


Sears-Usher house (built 1760) and gristmill sold to Caroline Usher Reed by her father Selden Usher.  Roswell Reed enlarges mill to make wrenches and blind fasteners.  Part of the read or the house converted to tenement for his workers.


1845    Florida enters the Union.


1847   [FM Meekin attends Medical College of Charleston.  Two years? ]

            Old Gen McMeekin dies at age 74. 


1850    Railroads extended into Florida

Nov 14 begins Floridians desire to follow any state that secedes from the union.  New flag adopted with the motto:  ďLeave Us AloneĒ

Slave Schedule shows Adna Johnson with 68 slaves



            May 26:  Maria in Meriden, Conn.

            June 15:  Maria in Meriden, Conn

Fall Melissa enters Mount Holyoke Seminary ?????

Dec 15: Maria in Higganum




1853   Adna Johnson (56) emigrates to Florida [Now married to Margaret McMeekin b. 1818, daughter of Gen Thomas McMeekins, aunt of Francis.]  She is 35.



Oct. 1:  Marriage of SNG and Maria Reed (Molly)

            Gift from Geo. E. Gladwin of charcoal drawing of Maria Reed with cat.

            SNG works in gristmill operated by Roswell P. Reed

            Tableau vivant popular entertainment

            Dec 10:  SNG at Black Rock, Conn with George.



SNG purchases 1 acre of land and builds house (remains in family until 1906)

Clarence Russel Gladwin (born July 3, 1856)

Marriage of FM McMeekin and Harriet Johnson Sept 18, 1856 [at Father's house in Fairfield District]

Slaves given a present to couple from Harriet's father.


Couple 1     Male born 1810                Child:  [Older children stay in SC when others move to FL] 

                   Female born 1824                     Daughter Female born 1843 m. male born 1835  He is mulatto.  Couple three

                                                                                    Their children are:

                                                                                            Male born 1856---Oscar Henderson's father

                                                                                            Male born 1857

                                                                                            Female mulatto born 1851  His from a previous union.

 Couple 2     Male born 1832                Children:

                    Female born 1833                    Female born 1848

                                                                    Female born 1850  Twin

                                                                    Male born 1850     Twin

                                                                    Male born 1855

                                                                    Female born 1857

Wife of Couple 2 accompanies Harriet back to SC for the duration of the war.  Harriet takes children with her. 


1857  FM builds log home in Florida



Annie Seldon Gladwin (born May 2, 1858)

Mary Margaret Thompson (Molly) Born 31 May 1858 in SC

[FM family heads for Florida with Molly]

Hurricane Soaks North Florida ruining cotton and machinery (Sept 2)



            Chas. Darwinís Origin of Species

            [FM builds log home, harvests first cotton crop.?]

            "In the spring [1959], after Marion and Putnam counties had joined in planning the construction of  "a bridge over Big Orange Creek," Francis McMeekin took Baisden's place and Marshall Morton and Ingraham Voss became commissioners in District 3.  The petition for a road from Orange Creek Bridge to the Putnam County line, tabled in July, was reconsidered in September.  On J. G. McNabb's motion, the order was given to locate a road 'from the Orange Creek Bridge at Orange Springs to the County line of Putnam and Alachua on the Palatka Road west of N.W. McLeods said road running by Monroe's Mills & Monroes House & by Dr. F. M. McMeekin west of Wm Johnsons and East of Bryces between Bryant Hinsons & Thomas Pottts, & west of N.W. McLeod and terminating . . . at the County line.'  Kennerly, McMeekin and Daniel S. Monroe were named commissioners for the road" (Tolles 1982 p. 238-9)



Jefferson Davis McMeekin (born Putnam County 07 Aug 1860)  FM is 30.  Harriet is 21.

Democratic Party of Florida and annual convention approves slavery as necessary.  Abolitionists made unwelcome.

November John C. Breckenridge elected presidential candidate.  Lincoln receives no votes:  no republicans party in the state.  Lincoln elected president nationally.

Slave schedules show Francis M. McMeekin with 14 slaves in Putnam Co. FL. 



Jan 3, 1861, Dr. McMeekin (District 4) a road commissioner with other commissioners petitions successfully for a Public Highway to be built from Etonia Scrub to Shakerag a ddistance of 6 miles. 

Jan:  Federals Occupy Forts Barrancas, Clinch, and Marion (Loderhose 1999:7)

Jan 7:  Finnegan, the State Commander occupies Forts Clinch and Marion

Jan 19 Florida votes to follow SC and Mississippi to secede from the union.

Blockade of southern ports

Apr. 12: Confederates take Ft. Sumter

            Sept. 5: Hayne McMeekin enlists as Captain. (Volunteer) in the 12th Regiment South Carolina Infantry, CSA

            1861 to 1863:  W. M. Johnson pastor at Eliam Church until September, 1863 (Tolles 1982: 295)

            Johnson Lake and McMeeking Lakes mentioned (Tolles 1982: 259-260)




Finnegan appointed Brigadier Commander of Middle and East Florida in the Confederate army (Loderhose 1999:9).

Feb. 6:  Battle of Fort Henry

            June 1:  Lee assumes command of Army of No. Virginia

4th Florida Regiment sent to General Braggs army in Tennessee.

May 14:  Francis McMeekin enlists as volunteer at Orange Springs, FL as 2nd Lieutenant Co B of Regl Fla Inf

Nov 7: Caroline Reed, Sister of Maria and Albert O Reed, dies

Nov 10:  26th Connecticut Organized at Norwich

Nov 12:  26th Conn. Left for east New York  

Dec. 18:  Albert O Reed joins the 26th Regiment, USA, Connecticut Infantry Reports to duty at Camp Parapet, above New Orleans.  Arms are issued and study of manual and practice shooting.  Many die of Malaria.  Travel aboard transport Steamer ďThe Empire CityĒ  AO Reed, private among soldiers (nine-month volunteer)

Dec. 20: Capt. Hayne McMeekin hospitalized in Richmond



            Jan 21 and 22   Albert Reed and 26th Connecticut paid in full. 

            Jan 1: Lincolnís Emancipation Proclamation

            Jan 9:  Hayne assigned to AP Hills division [incompetency?]

            Jan 17:  Hayne resigns post with surgeonís certificate

May 8, 1863.  Maria in Norwich as well [with Annie and Clarence?]. 

            Confederate conscription laws force men between the ages of 18 and 45 to enlist.

            May 10: Stonewall Jackson dies in Virginia

May 20th 26th Connecticut moves to Springfield Landing

May 21 to July 9:  Seige and surrender of Port Hudson, LA to Union  Albert O. Reed service here

May 22, 1863:  School commissioners :  Removed probate records to be stored an F.M. McMeekins house to deep from Northern invaders.  Tolles 1982: 93.  Temporary office of Judge of Probate.

June 20:  Western Virginia becomes a state in the Union.

June 3 to July 13 Campaign at Gettysburg

July 1-3 Battle of Gettysburg

July:  Florida becomes the source of Confederate beef supply (Loderhose 1999:8)

September 2:  Sherman moves his troups into Atlanta

Nov:  Lincolnís Gettysburg Address

Thousands of CSA deserters hiding in the Florida swamps.  They despaired of Army life from "lack of food, fatigue, filth and disease, irregular pay, and other hardships" (Loderhose 1999: 21). By 1864 bands of marauding deserters roamed Florida raiding food stored and slaves for the Union.



           Feb 20:  Francis M McMeekin in Battle of Olustee or Ocean Pond, FL, Maj. Pickens Bird 9th Commander

April 26th:  Finnegan's brigade in camp near gainesville.  Expected to March to Tampa Bay (150 miles south).  Leaving knapsacks in Gville camp.  Many deserters in Tampa ARea.  Only woman in camp is one taking in washing.  battleofolustee.org EH jones. 

            March:  Francis takes Harriet and children to her fatherís home in SC.  Takes couple 2 slave wife (age 31) and smallest children.  She runs away to join the Federals when Sherman marches through town.

March 12 (Saturday):  Finnegans brigade 16 miles east of Jacksonville having passed the Olustee battle ground where many dead horses lay.  Company in mud and water for two days without tents.  Leaving today at 2:00 for Jalaca on St mary's river.  Using oil cloth ($15 purchase) to cover up.  Direct mail to Baldwin, FL.  (DE Stringer letter at battleofolustee.org/letters.d_stringer.htm

            April 10:  Francis sent word to return to the Florida volunteers.  Company awaiting orders to transport to Richmond. 

            May 5:  Battle of the Wilderness

            May 12:  Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse

            May 7 to Sept:  Shermanís Atlanta Campaign

            May 18: Ten companies of the new 9th Regiment leave for Virginia at 8:00am.  Arrive Madison by 7:00 pm.  March 13 miles to           Quitman, Georgia to Board the Savannah and Gulf Railroad arrive at 4:00 pm. Board train for Savannah at 5:00pm. 

           May 20th:  9th arrives in Charleston, South Carolina at 8:00pm.

           May 21st:  9th leaves Charleston.  Stop at Fair Bluff to transfer cars

          May 22nd:  Leave Fair Bluff, NC 9:00am.  Stop in Wilmington, NC, leaving 10:30 pm

        May 22, St. John's full of gunboats.  Us Gunboat Columbine fired upon, disabled and burned.

          May 24th:  The Florida 9th arrives in Richmond, Colonel Martin in command.  Begin 14 mile walk to Richmond.  11:30am  troups resting on the green at Capitol Square.  After noon, troops leave by rail for Hanover Junction to the Army of Northern Virginia.

          May 26th 9th arrives at Hanover Junction, Lees headquarters.  Too tired to cook the meat and eat it raw.  Temporarily under command of William Mahone.9th becomes part of the Third Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia under the command of Lt. General AP Hill, Mahone's Division.

            May 28:  Finnegan's brigade in camp near Petersburg, VA.  Quiet here except for cannonading in morning.  Being sent to Lee's army.  Report of great losses in his last battles no. of Richmond.  No tents since leaving Savannah before being ordered back to Florida last winter.  use blankets as "bush shelters" to protect from heat. Use oil cloth in rain.  Wash clothes in creek on rock.  Soav $5.00 for three inched.  Expecting new shirts and drawers to be issued from Quartermaster.  Needing socks .  Not received any pay yet.  Buttermilk is $1.00; greens $2:00.  Send braids of children's and wife's hair .  battleofolustee.org EH jones. 

            May 28:  Gen. Finegan arrives.  3:00 am the corp head for Totopotomy Creek, bringing up the rear near Shady Grove.  "They marched in such deep silence that a man with his eyes shut would only have known that anyone was on the road by the occasional rattle of a canteen"  Rhea 2002:64).

            June 3:  Reg. Maj. Pickens Bird wounded at Cold Harbor and died later.  Francis wounded. Hospitalized at Howard's Grove Hospital in Richmond June 4. Furlough July 5 for 60 days in SC.  Back on duty end of August

            March to Petersburg

June 6th, Sunday :  Finnegan's brigade in camp near Petersburg, VA.  Hear cannons almost every day.  Provisions scarce:  Corn meal $45; flour $2000; Bacon $6 per pound; small chicken, $6.  and grown one $15;  Meals in Petersburg $25.00. Soliders have meat and bread but not vegetables, milk or butter.   On Swift creek where converges iwth Appomatox River.  3 miles from Petersbury.  Feds 2-3 miles below on river.  Guard duty 2 days and nights every 4 days.  put up breast works at night or "lie in ditches with Yanks a bangin at us."  No preaching; no chaplain.   battleofolustee.org EH jones

June 23 Down Weldon Rd.  Drove back enemy

            June 30: Battle of Reamís station.  Fla. Brigade drove back enemy


July 31st. 

July 31st

July 31st 1864

In the trenches
near Petersburg, Virginia

My dear wife

This is to inform you that I am again permitted to write you a few lines through the mercy of God to let you know that I am yet alive and in the enjoyment of a reasonable portion of health at preasant, After the bloody days work of yesterday. The yankeys blew up about 75 yards of hour works and then made a charge on a portion of hour works and taken possession of about 300 or 400 yards of hour works and we had to charge them and retake them. hour loss was vary heavy in hour redgiment in both officers and men. Colonel Evans was killed ded on the field. Lieutenant Parks was sevearly wounded. we lost 5 killed out of hour company. Mr Jackson Harrison was killed. he was one of my mess and a very clever man. we recaptured the works and still hold them and I recon we will still hold them until another blow up takes place. our Brigade does not hold that portion of the Brest works whare the blow up was. we are about 2 miles to the right but we are subject to be ordered to any point on the line. Mr. Petty was not in the fight as he is cooking for the company. honey I hav not received a word from you since I was at home which is one month today. I hope I will hear from you soon. when you write to me back your letters in this wise: E.H. Jones, Co F, 64 Regt. Georgia Volunteers, Wrights Brigade, Petersburg Virginia and I think your letter will certainly come through safe.

I hear the yankeys are invading Georgia with their raiding parties. I fear they will over run the state before this cruel war closes. but they ever do come to whare you are they will not trouble you I dount think. write me all the news you can. I want to hear from the boys vary bad. I am afraid I hear bad news as thare been so much hard fighting about Atlanta. Oh when will this cruel war close. give my love to all. kiss the children for me. I remain yours as ever until death.

E. H. Jones

Notification of death at battleofolustee.org EH jones



August 21:  Weldon Railroad attacked but failed to oust Feds from breastworks.  Lt. Colonel John Pearson commander of 9th wounded and later dies from wounds.

Aug ___ Francis arrives back at camp. 

            Nov. 15-Dec 21 Shermanís Savannah campaign (March to the sea)

            Nov. 30:  Engagement at Honey Hill, SC

Francis wounds healed and he reports back to the Fla 9th

Dec. 4:  Fla 9th Regiment becomes part of Army of Northern Virginia near Petersburg

Dec. 7th:  Forced march of 9th 50 miles

Dec. 9:  Engaged Federals but they retreated and the 9th returns to camp over frozen roads. 

            Dec 21:  Savanna, GA occupied




Jan 1-Apr. 2 Seige of Petersburg continues

    "Though they had been given more than a month's warning by Sherman's passage through Georgia, neither civilians nor military authorities had made serious attempts to prepare for sherman's coming into South Carolina.  Their inertia may have been grounded in the traditional American assumption that the continent was secure from invasion; far into the twentieth century the people of the United States would cling to the illusion that they were safely beyound the reach of any known weapons.  South Carolinians, in any event, were almost totally unprepared, and terror swept the state in Shermans' van." (Davis 1980:143)

Feb 1.  Sherman and troops spend night near Pocataligo,  South Carolina not far from Beaufort.  This begins Sherman's policy of torching the state for being the first to secede. 

February 5  Sherman burns Barnwell  and soldiers dub the town "Burnwell."

Ambush at Aiken, SC by Confederates to protect Augusta, GA

February 15 Sherman advances on Columbia.  Camp along West side of the Congaree river

Dawn February 16 Sherman's first glimpse of the SC capital. He saw the unfinished State House.  The city was swollen with refugee/citizens from other states and the southern part of the state.

February 20th:  Sherman departs Columbia

February 23 Sherman in Camden, SC

    Towns on March: Winnsboro, Ridgeway, Chester, Cheraw on the PeeDee, Lancaster, Camden, and Bentonville.n

            Feb:  Fla. Ninth engaged at Hatcherís run

            Feb 22:  Hayne McMeekin recommended as Bonded Agent for CSA  War Dept. Columbia, SC

            April 1:  Battle of Five Forks

            April 2: Petersburg lines breached, CSA evacuates Richmond and Petersburg.

            April 6:  Battle of Saylerís Creek, VA

            April 9:  Surrender at Appomattox

            Francis Lt. Commander (at Petersburg VA?)  pension only refers to 2nd Lieutenant, his enlistment rank. 

                Abraham Lincoln dies Apr 15, 1865

            Dec. 18:  Slavery abolished



Dec 14:  SNG and MRG in Higganum, Conn.  SNG working at [Grist?] Mill with Albert Reed.

George and Mary Gladwin in Worcester [teaching drawing (GG) and music (MBG)?]

FMMcMeekin owns 3 carriages and/or wheeled vehicles.



Robert Usher Gladwin (born April 15, 1869) He later changes his name to Robert Reed Gladwin

McMeekin served as one of five school commissioners for white children (Tolles 1982: 97)  Palatka Daily News, Oct. 14, 1886.



            Adna Johnson, Father of Harriet J. McMeekin dies at age 74.



Susan Tyler Gladwin (born July 19, 1873)

Dr. McMeekin and others form "a grange of Patrons of Husbandry" with residents of Alachua and Putnam Counties.  Dr. McMeekin elected master; Dr. Johnson, Assistant steward; Rev Johnson, Chaplin; J.J. Johnson, secretary; James M. Hawthorne, gate keeper;  Mrs F. L Johnson, Ceres; Mrs. F. N. Johnson, Pomona;  Tolles 1982



Russell H. Gladwin, SNGís father, dies Jan. 5, 1974

Richard Dudley Gladwin (born December 6, 1874).


            McMeekin, F. M.: Senate, 17th district


            McMeekin, F. M.: Senate, 17th district

1881    McMeekin, F. M.: House, Putnam



            Reed & Company steam-powered mill destroyed by fire





Census Putnam Co:  973.  F. M. McMeekin: W, 50, M.D.; wife Harriet; Children: 5.

           974.  F. A. Johnson: W, 52, Fr. Grower; wife Fannie; children: 6 (Tolles 1983: 324).

Census Putnam Co: Precinct No. 11.    1017 S. N. Gladwin: W. 54, Fr Grower; wife Mariah; children: 3.  First residents from Connecticut.

            1071. Mrs. Georgene Johson: W, 43, Fr. Grower, FL Ga Ga; children: 3 (Tolles 1983: 325). 

Roswell Reed, father of Maria, dies Sept 2, 1885

Caroline M Usher Reed, Mother of Maria, dies Oct. 29, 1885

January Freeze.  Dr. McM thinks freeze not as bad as anticipated and oranges should be harvested in Dec and put in cold storage houses, during the months of lowest expected temperatures.  See Toles 1982: 160+.


1886  EarthQuake in Charleston and Savannah.  Waves felt to Palatka.


1887   Yellow fever in Palatka and Putnam county (Tolles 1982:188).

        Dr McMeekin candidate for senate, but not elected.

        Dr. McMeekin speaks out against dividing Putnam County (Tolles 1982: 185) Controversy over fencing.


1889  "Rev. William Johnson: 82, W, SC SC SC, Minister, Married, Resident 30 years, died Dec. 4, 1884, Chronic Diarrhoea, Dr. Johson"  (Tolles 1982:331). Putnam County Precinct 11.3



1888.  Cotton rusting, tobacco a success.   Orange Growing dominates Putnam county


Loderhose, Gary. 1999.  Far, Far, From Home:  The Ninth Florida Regiment in the Confederate Army.  Carmel, IN: Guild Press.