Thomas George Washington McMeekin 


Thomas McMeekin was born in 1795 in Union County South Carolina.  In 1824,  he married 

Elizabeth Comfort Brummett  Lewis. 

Elizabeth was a widow having lost her husband of 10 years on October 2, 1822.  Both were 29 years of age.  Elizabeth came to the family with five children of John Lewis'.  The Lewis children were

Sarah Ann Susannah?      b.  ?

Daniel Brummett Lewis     b. 11 Dec 1815

Robert Nicholas Lewis     b. Mar 1817

William Lewis                   b. 1820    d. 31 July 1836 age 16

Angelina Elizabeth Comfort Lewis b. 1922   d. 26 Sept 1825.

Angelina was born the year her father died at 3 years of age.  Daniel and Robert were reported to be either German or English musicians.  Their violin was last known to be the possession of Brummett Lewis of Texas.

Thomas and Elizabeth's children were:

Thomas George Washington McMeekin     b. 1825

Angelina Eliza Ann Comfort McMeekin      b.

James Joseph Francis Marion McMeekin    b. 14 Jan 1830

Robert Hayne Youngblood McMeekin        b. 20 Nov 1832

        Thomas and Elizabeth both died in 1837 at 42 years, leaving the young McMeekin boys in the care of the Boyd family of Fairfield County.  Thomas and Elizabeth were buried near Tiger River in Union County South Carolina near Herbert on the road from Whitmire to Carlisle.  Their grave stones can be viewed at the Sutkin Family site.

        The 1850 census of Fairfield, South Carolina, shows Francis (19) and Hayne McMeekin (17) living with William (32) and Mary A. Boyd (23).  His occupation is listed as a clerk.  They had a 2 month old son at the time named William L.  Also living in the household were J. J. Roberts (33), Episcopal Preacher from North Carolina, and his apparent son, John L. age 6.  A woman Re. A. E. Jordan (33) was also in residence with her 10 year old son, Augustus.  She is listed as being from Richland, SC, and he was born in Alabama.  The students Francis and Hayne are listed from Alabama, however that is incorrect.  Another 17 year old boy, Abraham Hunter, was listed as a student as well and stated to be from Fairfield.  Mr.  L. Ford a boy of 10 also lived in the household.  His birthplace was listed as Fairfield as well.

        Thomas and Hayne must have lived with the Boyds from ages 5 and 7 when the William Boyd was just 19.  Mary was only 10 at the death of the elder McMeekins and unlikely to be married to William at the time.  Siblings Eliza and Thomas were not living with the Boyds in 1850.

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        **Much of the information on the family came from Eliza McMeekin Gladden's Bible and from Florence McMeekin Gladwin papers.  If you have questions or answers to missing information, please email  I am most interested in any McMeekin letters.