Geneology of the McMeekin Family

by Florence McMeekin Gladwin, believed to have been written around 1926


The McMeekins were originally Scots and immigrated to Ireland in the Northern part, settling in the County Antrim.  Near the time of the American Revolution 1783, a widow Elizabeth Montgomery McMeekin, came to America with her young son Thomas, age about ten years, and settled in Fairfield District, S.C. The country was vacated by Indians.  Soon after she married Adam Hawthorn.  There was one son, Adam Hawthorn, who was marked by his intelligence and integrity.  He moved to Mississippi or Alabama and married.  In the cemetery by the Brick Church in Fairfield County near Monticello is the grave of Adam Hawthorn.  On the tombstone, “In memory of Adam Hawthorn, Esq., Died November 5, 1627, age 49”.  Whether he was the son of our ancestors I do not know.  I have no record of where this great, great, great grandmother is buried.

The son Thomas, who was General Thomas, married Margaret Mooty, his neighbor.  He settled in the vicinity of Monticello but not on the old homestead, as it passed into strange hands through marriage and death.  There were six children born to them, Thomas George Washington, Mary, Margaret, James, Elizabeth and John.  Elizabeth, James and John never married.  James died the 1st of January, 1835, in Green County, Mississippi, age about 32 years.  John McMeekin died the 4th of August, 1836, age 20 years.  I have no record of Elizabeth’s death or age.  Mary married Stephen Gibson, a widower, and they have no children.  Margaret married Adna Johnson, a widower also, and they had no children.  Gen. McMeekin died 17 Oct 1847 at age 74.

Thomas was my grandfather, the oldest of the children.  He married Elizabeth Comfort Lewis, widow of John Lewis, about 1823.  She was a Brummett before her marriage.  They lived in Union County until the death of Thomas, who was about 37 years of age when he died.  Thomas McMeekin and his wife, Elizabeth Comfort Brummett, are buried near the Tiger River in Union County, S.C. near a place called Herbert, in an old cemetery where Comforts, Brummetts and other neighbors were buried.  There were four of the Lewis children, Daniel, Robert, William and Sarah Ann Susannah.  William J. Lewis, age 16 years, died the 1st of July, 1836.  Robert, I believe, never married.  Daniel married twice and left a large family of children.  Sarah Ann Susannah married Morgan Huson and had several children.  Only one lived to be grown, Mary Cornelia.

The McMeekin children were four, G.W. Thomas, Angelina Eliza Ann Comfort, James Joseph Francis Marion and Robert Hayne Youngblood.  The G.W. in Thomas’ name was for George Washington, the boys being named for soldiers as well as family names.  The mother of these children was the daughter of Daniel and Susannah Brummett.  Her maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Comfort.  The Comforts and Brummetts were old settlers of Virginia and came to South Carolina about 1750.  It is tradition that great, great grandmother Elizabeth was Indian by half blood and lived to be 113 years old.  I have no means be which I can substantiate the statement as to her age or Indian blood but do not discredit it.  Hayne McMeekin had a photograph of his half-brother, Daniel Lewis, that reminded him of “Sitting Bull”, the Indian Chief, and he said his half-niece Mary Huson, had striking features of the Indian.  The resemblance is noticeable in other members of the family.

Daniel Brummett, grandfather to F. M. McMeekin, died the 7th of June, 1816, age 49 years.  Susannah Brummett, grandmother to F. M. McMeekin, died the 8th of Nov. at five o’clock in the morning, 1833.  Her maiden name is thought to be Susannah Davis, of near Charlottsville, Virginia.  Her mother is said to have been of the Choctaw tribe.  This tradition and some claim she was descended from the Indian princess, Pocahontas. I have no other records of Comforts, Davis or Brummetts. Now to return to the four McMeekin orphans, since Elizabeth Comfort Brummett McMeekin died the 23rd of Feb., 1835, age about 32 years. 

First, Thomas who was the oldest son, was noted for doing as he pleased.  He married at the age of 19 and had four children.  They moved to Cedartown, Georgia, where he lived until his death at a good old age.  His first wife died and the second had no children.  His children were Francis, Hayne, Eliza and Rosa.  Francis was shot and killed in front of his fathers house.  His murderer was not caught until 20 years after.  Hayne was stolen by the Northern Soldiers and many years after a man claiming to be Hayne returned and was treated as the long lost son.  Rosa married a Hancock and Eliza lived with her Uncle Hayne in Monticello, S.C., and died unmarried soon after Uncle Hayne.

Secondly Eliza, the sister of F.M. McMeekin married Daniel Gladden and lived in Louisiana.  They had six children, Alice, who married a Knuckles.  Minor, died after marriage it had no children living I believe.  Frank, married Emma Todd-he died of cancer of the stomach several years ago-had several children.  Addley, married Alice Evans, had two children, Addley Jr., and Lilah.  Both Father and son are doctors and served in the world war-Addley Jr. oversea and Addley Sr. at the government hospital in Colombia, S.C.  Lilah married John Anderson and lives at Calvert, Texas, has four sons-one was a marine in the world war and was in France.  Nona, married Dr. William Tayler and lived in Calvert, Texas-had one son. 

Their fourth child was Robert F. Hayne McMeekin. 

Thirdly was Francis Marion who became a doctor and is mentioned below.

Dr. Francis Marion McMeekin married Harriet Margaret Glenn Johnson, Sept. 17, 1856.  They had six children.  The first of their children was Mary Margaret Thompson McMeekin, born in South Carolina, May 31, 1858, married G. F. Bullard the 25th of Oct. 1882, by Rev. Chadvin.  Aunt Molly, as she was called, had 3 children.  First child Susan, born the 3rd of Feb. 1884 at Hawthorne Fla., the second child, a son, Francis McMeekin Bullard, born March 28, 1890, at McMeekin Fla. The third child, a son, was born 1892 and died the following year at Young Harris, Ga.

Jefferson McMeekin, Dr. McMeekin’s second son, was born in Putnam County, Fla., the 7th of August, 1860, married first Lavinia Newson at Crescent City on Jan 20th, 1892.  She died on May 9th, 1892.  He next married Louisa B. Chaires on July 15th, 1984 at McMeekin, Fla.  Their first son born 1895 died when about a week old.  The second son, Ellington Jefferson, was born June 27th, 1897.  Jefferson McMeekin died on April 17, 1902, of pneumonia. 

Dr. McMeekin’s third child was Francis Elizabeth McMeekin, born in Putnam County, Fla., March 8, 1866, married James N. Craig at McMeekin, Fla., on the 30th of April 1890, by the Rev. George T. Leitner.  They had first a son, Newman, born in 1891.  Hal, born the 8th of April, 1894, Helen born in 1896, Dorothy, born the 22nd of Feb. about 1901.  Elizabeth McMeekin Craig died on the 5th of November 1903, and is buried at Ochwilla Church, where her father, mother and brother Jeff are buried. 

Dr. McMeekin’s fourth child was Eliza Florence McMeekin, born in Putnam County, Fla., Feb 13, 1870, married Robert R. Gladwin the 12th of Nov. 1895.  Stephen Nelson Gladwin, the first child was born in Jacksonville, Fla., on Saturday, the 28th of Nov. 1896.  Died in the service of his country on the 12th day of Feb. 1919, at Fort Bliss, Texas, and was brought to his home at Fort Pierce, Fla. and buried in the Fort Pierce cemetery.  Francis Marion Estelle Gladwin, was born the 28th day of June, 1899, in Jacksonville, Fla., married Eugene P. Horton, the 19th of Dec. 1920.  Margaret Susan Gladwin, born the 20th of July, 1902, in Fort Pierce, Fla., named for her maternal grandmother and her Aunt Mollie, the Susan for her Aunt Susan Gladwin, married the 12th of Nov. 1926. to Elmer Roland Enns. Robert Usher Gladwin, born the 16th of Dec., 1904, named for an ancestor in the Revolutionary war on the father’s side and for his father. 

Dr. McMeekin’s fifth child was Thomas James McMeekin, born in Putnam County on Sat. Jan 27th, 1872, at three o’clock in the morning, married a widow, Katherine Stringfellow LaFontisee, in Jacksonville, Fla., Sept 17th, 1914.  They have no children. 

Dr. McMeekin 6th child was Harriet Estelle McMeekin, born in Putnam County on the 24th of June 1878, at three o’clock in the morning.  She married Hilton P. Meekins in Jacksonville, Fla., the 30th of Sept. 1914.  They have three children.  Hilton, born the 3rd of Oct. 1916.  Francis Philip on the 5th of August, 1918 and Harriet, the 26th of Jan. 1921.  Which ends the list of McMeekin children of this line. 

These records are taken from the old McMeekin family Bible, owned by Eliza McMeekin Gladden, from tombstones and from the F.M. McMeekin Bible, except the ages of the F.M. McMeekin grandchildren which I give from memory.