Enns in America  



 Flour sack logo of Enns mill in Inman, Kansas. No longer a working mill. 

The first Enns's of our line to come to America were Cornelius and Elisabeth Martens Enns pictured to the right.  They were relatively young (40 and 35) when this picture was taken.  This picture may have been taken about the time of their immigration to the United States in 1879, for the children who are pictured are believed to be Johann F. Enns who would have been about one at the time and Dietrich C. who would have been three. 

The Mennonite couple traveled by train across the US to Kansas from the Ukraine and brought hard wheat with them to farm in their new country.  They traveled with their surviving six boys who were all born in Gnadenfeld, Ukraine. After settling, they had five more children, three of whom survived to adulthood. 

bulletCornelius Martens Enns
bulletAbraham Cornelius Enns
bulletHerman Enns
bulletHeinrich Thiessen Enns
bulletDietrich C. Enns
bulletJohann F. Enns
bulletJakob H. Enns
bulletPaul Gerhard Enns
bulletNickolas Frederick Enns


Seven of the Brothers circa 1902; 

bulletFront row:  Cornelius, Nick, Henry T
bulletBack row:  Dick (D.C.), Paul, John, Jacob

Cornelius Enns      1839-1905

Elisabeth Martens Enns    1843-1936

This lacquer box was among the few belongings that Cornelius and Elisabeth brought with them from Gnadenfeld.  It had leather hinges at one time.  It is in the possession of the descendents of Karl Enns. 

The Enns wheat farm 1 mile north of Inman Circa 1883-1885.  Pictured left to right:  hired hand, Dick, John, Henry, Elisabeth holding Jacob, and Cornelius Enns. 

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