Addressed to Miss Maria Reed




Middle Haddam April 22nd / 52


Dear Cousin Maria,


                                                As I promised you that I would not let three weeks pass without answering your letter, I am going to be prompt once

            I received yours last Wednesday.  I was surprised to hear that you was really going to Meriden for I did not believe that you would go after all.  No, I thought you would “give it up.”  Did not think that you ma would let you go.

Emeline came up last Saturday to Mr Wright’s to be examined.  Mr Wright & Mr Parmelee examining committee.  She passed a good one, Mr. W_ said.  They thought that she was rather young to teach.

            I think she is young to have the ease of a school but I think she is capable of teaching a good one.

            Caroline came with her and has left to day for Higganum_ _ _.

                                                What unpleasant weather we have had for a week past.  I believed have got a subject now, that we can talk or write about any time and at all times.  I should like to have met you at that pleasant party at Mr Noyes.  He must have been a pleasure to the family to see so many present.  “My kind regards” to the family.  Oh, excuse me Maria I had forgotten that you was in Meriden.

   I think it must have been well for Mr Morgan that he staid away, for I don’t know what the Hig_ youth would have done if he had been there. _ _

“By the way”, did you know that he had got to be an editor?  I was honored with a Scholars Journal from East Haddam, and knew not who sent it until I heardthat A M. Jarvis, and A. J. Morgan was the same person.  It was the smallest affair that I ever saw printed. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I suppose that Jane has commenced her school in Maromas, for I can see a smoke ascend from her chimney every day, I wonder if she can be contented there.  But I suppose that her mind will be on her work and she will not think so much of society, but it will be quite a journey to perform daily, is she goes to every boarding place.  I think that I shall have a telegraph from Maromus to our house. 


I am not going to Portland, as you have probably heard.  Miss Daniels has gone back to her school and I was to have it if she did not wish it.  She is an excellent teacher, and I was fearful I should not make her place good. _ _ _ _ _

     Do you know anything about the schools in M_? The different modes of teaching Arithmetic, Grammar & c.  I wish you would visit some of them, when you become more acquainted there, but perhaps you do not feel particularly interested in common schools, as you are not a teacher, as I always thought you would be one.  I think that you have acted the wisest part, as far as teaching is concerned, to let it alone, that thought of teaching almost sickens me when I hear so many speak of it, in this way, “well I should have learned a trade, or gone into the factory, but I thought I could get more money by teaching, or rather keeping school.  So I thought I would “try my hand at that.”  I think if a person has no taste, or love for the business that they will not succeed, as a teacher, but enough of this for the present_


                                                                        Thursday Eve April 29th

You will see that I commenced this epistle a week ago, but having company was obliged [to] lay it aside until now _   Emeline came up and passed the Sabbath with us, she was in
”good spirits.”  I think that I never saw Em _ so lively I suppose that she felt like all school marms  You will know by my writing that I am in a prodigious hurry, Father is going to take this to the office.  I hope the next letter I send you will be a more decent one.

Did you see Hossuth last Friday when he came to Meriden? _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Sara Shepard is going to Danbury to spend the summer, I am sorry that she is going to leave M. H.  I shall be lonely without her.  As for Theodore he is well_  soon after you left he broke his arm, he said that “he fell down and stepped on it!!”  I hope that you will remember where standing collars are made.  Chas Shepard has set up a shop in M. H.

                                    Our last reading society met at our house, we had a pleasant time an adjourned till next Thanksgiving. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We have named the baby David.  How do you like the name?  I have just received a long letter from Uncle Titus Strong, and in it he talks about Slavery, & e & e and wants to know my views on the subject.!!!. By the way I am a great politician.  

                                    Now Maria remember your promise and write often.  Take good care of your heart.  I suppose that is a useful caution forever.  I can say that it is quite safe with its present keeper.  Where is S.N.G. this spring & I am not going to make a single excuse about my writing for you know that I could not have written worse if I had tried _ _ _ _ _

                                    Write soon_ from your humble cousin



“Lest the flames of your fireplace

devour this as soon as its contents are perused.”*


*One of Rev W. Case’s sentences.