My dear Maria,


I have been contemplating writing to you for some time, and having today, a great desire to hold communion with you.  I have concluded to pen my thoughts for your perusal.


Where are you Maria, and how do you do?  I shall have to wait a long time for your response yet I will wait with patience.  For patience, you know, ought to be a prominent trait in a “School marm’s” character.  No Maria, I do not expect to get an answer as soon as I used to last summer, on those Saturdays which I spent at your home.  For you know you were generally present then to give an immediate answer.  If not then were those ever present telegraphs, [thumb print here] Mary and Armenia ready to use and report, “Miss Bass wants you Maria.”  Oh that wildfire of a Mary!  I wonder if she “grows” any now.  Maria let me assure you the scenes of my last term in H.  I shall ever view as bright spots in my existence.  For without any exaggeration, I think I never passed a summer more pleasantly in my life.  The remembrance of the many happy hours I have passed[1] there will never depart, and I shall ever take much pleasure in reviewing them.


I have endeavored from every possible source to learn about the people in Higganum, but heard nothing until last week.  The news which I then received was very agreeable to me, and truly gladdened my heart much.  I was very much rejoiced to hear of the conversion of Ester Truman.  The intelligence caused me to realize more than ever, the power of God in the conversion of sinners.  I have learned also of Jane’s change which was joyful news to me, for since I left H.  I have heartily desired, and earnestly prayed that this might be.  How pleasant the thought, that at nearly the same time you both did as I trust give your hearts to Jesus and are now together walking in that straight and narrow way that will, if you continue to walk in it eventually lead you to heaven and immortal glory.


That God may bless you both, that his grace may be sufficient for you in every hour of temptation, is my prayer.  Ever watch and pray for by prayer the Christian lives.  You doubtless remember how often we used to sing that beautiful hymn, commencing, Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire.  You probably now believe it to be true, that tis the Christians vital breath; and let me tell you, I know by a sad experience that to neglect prayer, the fire of Gods love soon ceases to burn on the altar of the heart and the soul that was once happy and praising.  God becomes cold and indifferent, while the smile of its Heavenly Father no longer beams upon it. 


I would reuoice my heart to meet all of thowe converts especially those who were my Scholars and acquaintances.  Where are Emily and Melissa and how do they do?  This interrogation I should like to have them answer, but if they do not please do so yourself, whey you answer the one I proposed to you.  Give them my love and tell them I remember them still and often think of them.


Not long before I came to Durham I heard of Ana Eliza’s sickness and have never learned whither she has recovered. 


Please remember me very affectionately to all who inquire after my welfare assuring them all that I forgot them not.  I made a promise to write to several and shall endeavor to do so soon.


I commenced my school here three weeks since, after undergoing the ordeal of examination.  My scholars see generally very agreeable and I presume before the close of my term I shall become very much attached to them.  Yet, when I first commenced I felt very much discouraged, especially when I contrasted it with my school in H. 


I have not found many new acquaintances in Durham, yet I find the people very pleasant indeed, though at present I do not feel quite so much at home as I sued to in H.  For you know I need to say this, “Every where I find a home.”


___ [Nita?] has called on me twice, and I assure never were calls more gratefully received.  I spent Thursday night of last week at her new home.


How I wish I could see you all, and spend at least one evening at Mr. Reeds in Holokin [?].  Remember me with much affection to your mother and with much respect to your Father.


The promised visit of Maria and Melissa, I have not yet received but hope it is in the picture.  I shall not visit H. again for some time it is probable, except in my imagination.  It is most school time so good bye Maria.


Affectionately Yours


Rose_ _ _


P.S. Maria you and fam or some of the other girls, please join and write me soon.  R. 


[1] This letter used the German sign for double s’s that looks like an cursive f.