Our Family History:

Building and Sharing Generations

     Our Family History is devoted to descendents of multiple families.  Specifically they represent the ancestors of Robert Enns, Edward Enns, and Susan Enns Stans.  Each of the files listed below represent that branch of the family, its genealogy, photographs, and documents.  Some of the pages are under construction and some are incomplete.  If you are a relative or have information that you would like to post on the different families, please email s_stans@msn.com

Pictured above is the grove home of Robert Reed Gladwin and Florence McMeekin Gladwin, the first of our family to arrive in Fort Pierce.  They arrived in 1898 before the town was incorporated and before the county was named St. Lucie. 


Eddie Enns, Susan Enns, Elmer "Putz" Enns, and Bobby Enns  Circa 1942


Enns, Artwork of michael gladwin enns, Enns, Austria, Cornelius Enns, Susan Enns Stans 2, Edward Enns 2, 3, Mark Enns, James Enns, Inman, KS Inman Cemetery, Elmer Enns 2,3, Abraham Cornelius Enns 2 Wiegand, Anna Wiegand 2
Gladwin, R. R. Gladwin, Jim Kirby 2, SN and MR Gladwin letters, In Connecticut; Margaret Gladwin Enns, R.U. (Bob) Gladwin, Susan T. Gladwin paper McMeekin, Thomas; Thomas George Washington and Francis McMeekin
Reed, Abby Maria Reed, In Connecticut Johnson, Barnabas; Adna Johnson, In Connecticut
Dickinson, In Connecticut  
Tyler, In Connecticut  
Combstock, In Connecticut  
Hitchcock, In Connecticut  

Timeline for Stephen and Maria Gladwin and Francis and Harriet McMeekin from 1830 to 1884

Article on the Maj. Gen Geoffrey Lambert, Ret., author of The Singleton:  Target CubaGrandson of Nicholas F. Ennsc

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